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Guided by our passion for the craft, we want to help you discover your own style & identity as a couple. 

Ever since I was a kid I've been obsessed with capturing images. I was the kid always making skits & home videos with my friends and sister. 

When I was 12, my grandma gifted me my first "professional" camera. I was 18 when my aunt invited me to help her photograph a wedding. There was a moment during that reception where I captured a hug between the groom & his new stepson. That's the moment I realized the importance of photography. 

From then, I continued shooting weddings throughout my time in film school. I wanted to learn everything I could about visual storytelling. I met some great people during my time in college- including my freshman year resident advisor, Tyler. Eventually, he would become my best friend and coworker when we were hired at a media company together. 

Working within my career field, alongside my best friend, felt like a dream come true. But then, in 2022 I unexpectedly lost my job. It felt like a disaster. My wife & I sat on the couch that day & just wondered what we would do next. With nothing left to lose, we decided now was the time to start my own team. We wanted to build something beautiful out of the wreckage. That's where Shipwrecked Creative came in. 

Hey, I'm Chris

We all have stories to tell. Now you know ours, let's get to know yours. 

abby harris

photographer & smm

  • Photographing weddings since 2022
  • Hot Take: Cake frosting is often too sweet
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Anywhere with my family

christian grey


  • Filming weddings since 2020
  • Hot Take: Sleeping on an airplane is fun
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Paris, France

chris colvin

lead creative

  • Filming & Photographing weddings since 2016
  • Hot Take: Game of Thrones Season 8 was perfect
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Big Sur, California

tyler hobel

Photographer & Drone Pilot

  • Photographing weddings since 2020
  • Hot Take: Thanksgiving has the worst food
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Yosemite National Park

We capture the bold, the romantic, the authentic moments that represent who you are. 

"Truly and amazing group to work with!"

Chris took our engagement and wedding photos and we constantly get compliments! Plus the team was so easy to work with. Absolutely recommend!!!

maci & eli

"We had a great time shooting our wedding with Shipwrecked!" 

Chris was professional and fun. He kept up good conversation with us so we didn't feel awkward posing, and did a great job working with all of my nieces and nephews (15 kids is a lot to wrangle). 10/10 would recommend!

jessee & heidi

"Chris and Tyler were amazing!"

They made sure to have fun too at the reception which made the night even better! I am making sure to recommend them to everyone I know!

kyla & dominic

travel plans

We are all about experiences. Nothing can describe the incredible feelings that can be created by traveling to beautiful & breathtaking environments. 

Why wouldn't you want to get married on top of that mountain, on that beach, in that forest? Find the destination that fits your style as a couple & go for it! Our team loves to travel & create those memories with you. 

Here's where we're experiencing next; Las Vegas NV, Charlotte NC, Mystic CT, Boston MA, Big Sur CA, Denver CO, Bonneville Salt Flats UT

Here's some of our dream destinations; Kauai HI, Banff Alberta Canada, San Diego CA, Glacier National Park MT, Northern Ireland, Yellowstone National Park, Southern Iceland, New Zealand, Zion National Park

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